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If you were walking through the second floor of the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and you saw this face – what would you think? If you said “Rabbi” or “Jewish Ancestry,” in the context of the environment, I would agree. The place was crowded, as it is every time we’ve gone, lots of school age children, people bumping and squeezing past each other. At first, I saw him at a distance, and yes, I bumped and squeezed to get closer; I finally reached out and touched his shoulder to get his attention. He wasn’t startled. He was a short man compared to my six feet something frame. I asked if I could ask him a few questions and take his photograph. He hesitated. I said a few more words of introduction; he said, “Okay.” followed by, “It was the beard wasn’t it?”  “Yes, and the glasses.” I replied. (I didn’t say what I was thinking earlier.) He said, “Don’t see that many wavy full beards here in the East, do you?” As it turned out he is from Washington State. “I know people in Wenatchee, WA.” I said. “Yea, I occasionally drive through Wenatchee. I am a long-haul truck driver.” At the instant I took this photo someone pushed by me, thus, it’s not a great photo, but hopefully, you see what I saw and why I wanted the photo.

We were in Wenatchee, WA on what we call our “34 Days Across America” . We visited one of our former Marriage and Family Therapists, Tim Van Rheenen and his wife Tiffany. It would be a hoot if the bearded guy, I never got his name, had said, “Oh, I know Tim.”

The point of the story. We can pass interesting people everyday and we do. What would make you want to stop and talk for a couple of minutes? Share? Ask questions? Are you willing to try? Or, would it be too pushy?  Maybe, you’ll discover your fabled six degrees of separation. (One day I will tell a Six Degree story from Thailand.)

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