ANGEL DOGWOOD by Jerry Taylor

Pylesville, Maryland Pentax K-1000 Kodak Tri-X 400 50mm at f/2.

The memory is pretty vague; the year was 1976 or 1977. I know it was a very rainy week when the Dogwood trees bloom in the early Spring. I liked to go out when the sun was just rising. We lived on six and one-half acres and had just built the house for our young family. Our dog Max would go on my little adventures as I walked the property with my new toy – the Pentax K-1000; my first real camera with interchangeable lenses.

Photographically, I was looking for deep contrast for my Tri-X 400 film. Looking for that brightness against the dark background. Dogwoods were everywhere. This one was different. I have seen diagrams of the cherubim, the angels that were on the Ark of the Covenant, of Old Testament history. The Ark that carried the tablets of the Law of Moses. To my artistic eye, the arch of this Dogwood flower reminded me of the angel’s wings. I had never seen a Dogwood bloom like this one before; not even a photo or print or painting. It was alone at the end of the branch. The sun was rising above it. The translucence of the petals and the leaves were nothing like I had ever seen before; the light shining a thin line on the branch. It was a moment it time. I have searched for another Dogwood bloom like this for decades; I’ve never found one.  As you can see this image is soft. The great Bokha was created from the sun and the leafy trees behind the bloom. Even though it is not sharp it is a favorite image of mine and hangs on our living room wall, stopped in time.

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