Brexit, Scotland & Independence

Brexit, Scotland, & Independence

Photo and Story by Stephanie Banks

This summer David and I traveled to Scotland to hike in the highlands and on the Isle of Skye.  Inverness was the point of departure for our hike north.  While waiting for our late afternoon train from Inverness to Edinburgh and our flight back to the United States, we were swept up in an anti-Brexit movement.   We learned that the questions Scotland faces are can Scotland block Brexit; can Scotland remain in the EU and the UK while England leaves; and can Scotland leave the UK and remain in the EU?  Scotland has a pro-remain majority and has asserted its sovereign right to determine the form of government best suited to its needs.

The entire town came out with kilts, bagpipes, and banners.  There was a contingent of residents in wheelchairs who showed their support.  Entire streets of Inverness were crowded with motorcyclists, marching throngs of people carrying signs, loud speakers announcing Scotland’s position, followed by a huge assembly at a local park.  We spent over an hour following the protestors.  It was very exciting to be participating in and documenting this very important historical event.

(Editorial Note: “The UK has until the end of 2020 to change its mind about leaving Europe’s single market. Scottish independence, with nearly 85% of the electorate voting, was ‘no’ to independence 55.2% to 45.7%.)

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