Outside Salatiga, Indonesia Nikon D700 f/10 @70mm @1/400 ISO 200

(Originally Published 2017) I recently heard from Sid Thornton in Indonesia and he sent me a photo to remind me of our day out “shooting” in the countryside. It was November 1, 2012; it was my birthday. It was foggy and warm. His reminder caused me to look back into my own digital image files and I found a similar image that I had processed. Sid told me that the site of this particular image is now a super highway. The image took me back to all the activities of that day. Earlier that morning (4am) Sid and I climbed an extinct volcano and from our lofty height we were able to see other volcanic mountains at a distance; some just dormant and not extinct. Mount Merbabu

Later, that day, I remember jumping from a high wall that surrounded a cemetery; I fell hard with bloody results. A scrapped left hand, bloody knees and ripped holes in the knees of my pants; I was embarrassed. But, Sid, who had jumped successfully before me, stood there clapping as I held my camera high in the air — safe and sound — with the right hand that didn’t hit the pavement.

It was a day, I have told him many times, that I will never forget.

Tranquility, adventure, and another year older. Yet, it was just another memory and story that was in fact — stopped in time. But, progress, it seems, never stops.

BTW — Thank you Lisa Richardson — you were the reason we were there in the first place.

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